Tim Holtz Deckle Torn Edge Trimmer (3561e)


The Tim Holtz Deckle Torn Edge Trimmer gives your projects the perfect distressed deckle edge effect with maximum control and precision.

Designed to provide effortlessly repeatable deckle effects, this new cutting tool from Tim Holtz and Tonic Studios is essential for any crafter looking to bring their next design to life.

Combine with different papers and cardstock for different torn edge effects.

Perfect for use with fiber card and colored core card to emphasize the torn edge of the deck.

0.25″ gridded base for effortless alignment and measurement.

Popular map sizes marked on the gridded base for reference.

Double measurements on top and bottom rulers for easy measuring.

Cutting edge 8.5 inches, perfect for horizontal cutting A4 or US letter size card.

Compact design with added softgrip (kushgrip) handle.

New Inverse colourway to easily spot the difference with the Tim Holtz comfort trimmer.

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