Tim Holtz Mini Recoil Snips (5386e)


Introducing the new Tim Holtz Mini Recoil Snips! These snips offer a perfect blend of innovation and style and come packed with outstanding features for creative crafters.

The titanium-coated, double-bevelled non serrated blades and comfort grip handles make for an effortless cutting experience, giving you unparalleled control and comfort for hours on end! Additionally, each Tim Holtz Mini Recoil Snips comes with a choice of two easy-change springs – allowing the crafter to adjust the tension to suit their grip.

Recoil Snips – designed to offer un-paralleled control and ease of use.

Titanium Coated

Double bevelled non serrated blades

Comes with 2 assisted cutting, tension springs – choose the perfect tension for your grip

Comfort grip handles

Tim Holtz creativity paired with Tonic Studios engineering know-how! Our range of Tim Holtz tools offer unrivalled quality and ingenious innovation.

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