Sizzix Infinite Doodles Bundle


Straight from the imagination of talented Sizzix designer Pete Hughes, Infinite Doodles may at first appear to be an intriguing assortment of shapes and patterns, but if you look beyond these simple yet carefully considered designs, a whole world of creative possibilities appears before your eyes! With over 70 different shapes included in Infinite Doodles #1, play around and have fun creating anything from animals, people, landscapes and food to cars, buildings, landscapes and alphabets to name a few! Pair with Infinite Doodles #2 (666524) to add even more pattern and detail to your creations.

Infinite Doodles #2 comes complete with four fantastic designs which can be used for a whole host of occasions! It can be used as an all over pattern, turning the different designs into a wide variety of different scenes and backgrounds, or use the smaller cut pieces as extra detail to your makes. Designer Pete Hughes has carefully designed these Infinite Doodles which can be used alone or paired with the amazing shapes in Infinite Doodles #1 (666523). Create snow, rain, all over patterns, texture and finer details for people or animals or to add highlights, you’ll have a whole lot of fun playing with this Thinlits die set.

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