Framelits Die Set 14PK w/10PK Stamps – You’re my Lobster


Sizzix® Framelits® Die Set 14PK w/10PK Stamps – You’re my Lobster by Sizzix

The You’re My Lobster Framelits® Die Set by Sizzix is your ultimate companion. This 14 pack die set also includes a 10 pack of stamps and is perfect for creating heartfelt gifts, romantic gestures, or simply spreading joy to your nearest and dearest. Included in this set you will find adorable lobster-themed designs including 2 lobsters, some starfish, seaweed and the phrase ‘you’re my lobster’. This die set is compatible with the Sizzix Sidekick (661770) as well as larger Sizzix machines


Cut what you see. It’s that easy and efficient with Framelits. These wafer-thin chemically-etched die sets feature the perfect registration without interference from any ridges at the edge of the die opening. Plus, they’re excellent for clearly cropping photos and cutting windows in cards, bags, boxes and scrapbook pages. Designed to cut a single sheet of cardstock, paper, metallic foil or vellum, these dies also make great stencils and are perfect for layering to produce a 3-D effect.

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