Colorista Coloured Pencil Floral Sensation (12pcs) (SNCOL-COLP-FLO12)


Colorista – Coloured Pencil – Floral Sensation 12pc. Sketch, draw and colour your world with Colorista Coloured Pencils. Pick up these pencils for a blendable rainbow palette that really packs a punch! Now for the technical bit. Each pencil holds a core of high quality wax-based pigment. This premium formulation offers a bold and vivid laydown of colour every time you put pencil to paper. The wax-based pigment also allows you to layer and blend colours with ease! The sharpened fine point is so satisfying to work with, and ensures precise and accurate colour fills, perfect for all kinds of colouring and creative applications. So, whether you’re an aspiring designer, a dedicated doodler or somewhere in between, Colorista Coloured Pencils have you covered! The Floral Sensation set is a beautiful bouquet of petal pinks, buttercup yellows and more! There are 12 Coloured Pencils included, in the following hues: Rose; Dark Rose; Poppy; Azalea; Marigold; Tulip; Hibiscus; Pink Lily; Violet; Lotus Flower; Petunia; Clematis.

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